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  1. Dear Swamy,

    Srimathe ramanujaya Namah,

    As per the entries given in the blog -> "This is because of the rule "pUrvapadAt saJjyAyAM agaH" (8.4.3) identified by Panini in his Ashtadhyayi." adiyen has also learnt about this 2-3 kalakshepams of Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy as well.

    Is this particular rule in deciding and establishing nArAyaNa as a proper noun and can refer to "Shankha Chakra Dhari Vishnu" also accepted to and interpreted in same way by acharyas in different sampradayas as well? Apart from the upanisads, is nArAyaNa naMam also appears in different veda- bhagams as well or is VIshnu namam most prominent in other portions of Vedam? Adiyen wanted to ask why such an extremely important namam nArAyaNa for establishing the para-Devatai being dependent on grammatical rules of sanskrit? Just wanted to clarify, as adiyen is absolutely a lay-person full of ignorance.

    In the vedam and Vedantam, is Vishnu/Narayana/Vasudeva being described as "Shankha Chakra Dhari Vishnu"? Since the ithihasas and puranams described Vishnu completely in this way, adiyen just wishing to clarify and get more explanations.

    Thanking you,
    adiyen ramanuja dasan,

    1. The explanation of the "nAkAram" will come up in a later article. Briefly, let me explain that the nAkAram does not prove the supreme being is vishNu, but rather that the name "nArAyaNa" with all its meanings (he who inheres in the waters, he who is the refuge of the naras, etc) only denotes the supreme brahman. This is unlike names such as rudra, vishNu, indra, etc which have been used by the veda at various places to denote entities other than Brahman as well (such as devatas, achit, etc).

      However, who is this nArAyaNa? The vishNu gAyatri identifies nArAyaNa with vAsudEva and vishNu. It is this gAyatri that equates vishNu with nArAyaNa as opposed to devas like rudra, indra, etc who are stated as different from nArAyaNa and relegated to the status of vibhUtIs/jivAs.

      And yes, the Brahman of the Veda is none other than sriman nArAyaNa. If you want to know where the veda describes his form, beauty, weapons, etc please refer the Rudra Sukta, Nilarudra Sukta, ShatarudrIyam and Manyu Suktam articles on this blog.

      More in the upcoming article. It addresses other issues, but this will also be there.

  2. Why blog is not opening directly? Everytime it has to be open via Google. I wanna know if there is any problem to your site or in my browser.....

    1. We will look into it and take action to rectify any issues. Generally, we are not concerned unless it affects more than one or two users.

    2. Thanks. But the issue is solved now.


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